Why you should be excited for the new ‘Dirty Projectors’ album!

You’re at yet another family get together, and all of the small talk has been recited. You can’t possibly talk about school and work with your aunt, who is also vacuuming the twice cleaned carpet, and most of your relatives have passed out, so you just sit in silence.

The only other person awake happens to be your uncle, who aside from the generic “how are you?” that’s said on every occasion, you lack a relationship with. He pulls a chair next to you, and you somehow engage in an invigorating conversation where topics seem to blend, and opinions and arguments converge into something special that inspires you to go home and be a better human being.

This feeling really only lasts a couple of hours, and you go back to your lazy and complacent self the next day, but that feeling remains. You appreciate that conversation even if you may not apply what was said in it, and you probably won’t tell anyone about it. But, it exists. And that’s what’s important. That’s what listening to the ‘Dirty Projectors’ is like. Skip the small talk, forget about your generic indie pop habits, and enjoy a thoughtful heart to heart with your old pal, music. You might not be able to explain what you’ve experienced, or why you liked it, but you know you want to listen to it again, and again.

After a near 5 year gap between albums, experimental/alternative/indie?? ah hell, music project, the ‘Dirty Projectors’ are set to release another album. Band creator, and mastermind David Longstreth has stated this year’s album is a look inward, and a “yes to love”, yet again changing the ever progressive sound and direction of his project. This is clear with the album’s opening track, “Keep Your Name” where vocal manipulation has David reminding me of a Bon Iver song off of “22, a Million”

Few things are guaranteed when it comes to the ‘Dirty Projectors’. You can almost always guarantee they will be shifting their sound, offering unique arrangements and composition to ensure it’s nothing you’d expect. And so ‘Dirty Projectors’, are not a band I’m quick to refer to friends, and put into playlists for casual music listeners.

Just because you liked one album, doesn’t mean you’ll like the next, because I can promise you the one guarantee is that they’ll be nothing alike. The music often doesn’t play well with others, and works best in its own setting. It is very much music for musicians, and so it’s difficult to categorize and place into a genre.

I have a personal love, for the 2009 album “Bitte Orca”DirtyProjectors-BitteOrca.jpg
and not because I play it immensely, but because I know I love it and can barely describe why. I just know it makes me want to embrace all music, and know more.  It’s an odd relationship, because when I try placing some songs in playlists, I usually end up skipping them. This isn’t a knock toward the ‘Dirty Projectors’, but more an understanding of where to place the music. You wouldn’t invite your uncle to hang out with your pals, but you love knowing he’s there for when you need the inspiration.

Dirty Projectors, are likely a band most won’t love, but they act as an important reminder of what music can be, and how sometimes it’s necessary to be experimental so that you can create pop. With their self titled slated to be released on February 24, I think it would be a nice shock to the system to give ‘em a listen. Let yourself be emerged in the world Dave Longstreth has created, and try and see why this music is so important in our pop flooded, grammy based music world.
I think you’ll really enjoy ‘Dirty Projectors’ music if you like the general sound of Grizzly Bear, Tame Impala, or St. Vincent. You probably won’t like it if you like Indie Folk, Pop or Hip Hop.



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