Romes and Coin @ The Velvet Underground

Okay, Romes. You win.

Like the Leafs making the playoffs, or your friends actually listening to your music recommendations, finding a band that is better than the main act is a rarity. Better is a strong word, because that is highly subjective, but in terms of sheer entertainment and energy, Romes was superior to Coin.


Tennessee based Indie Pop outfit Coin, known for their hit song “Talk too much” is a solid indie band. They don’t push the boundaries or have a unique sound, but they churn out easy to listen to, catchy pop rock. Their songs are structured like pop, but they deliver it with a charismatic energy that keeps the listener around for more, oh, and the songs are pretty damn catchy.

Their eponymous debut was solid, and their energy while performing makes them that much more of a fan pleaser. Knowing a band can bring it live is big, and I can say that the album becomes better knowing what it translates to live.

It was after listening to their debut that I decided 20$ is surely worth the price of admission. After all 20$ for a show is essentially the price of a premium sub combo at Subway. And let’s be real, not much is better than live music in a small venue. (Yes, even your favourite sub is inferior)


So, tickets were purchased, and we arrived to the concert relatively early. Early enough to catch the opening act. And thank God, because what a treat they were.

Toronto based Indie soul band Romes has made some noise in the music world with their song “Believe”.

Seldom is an opening act better than the main show, but
Romes may give Coin a run for their money. Similar in their sounds, and energy, Romes had the lack of expectation and therefore, absolutely abolished the crowd. They now own The Velvet Underground.

Romes, embodied everything that you hope for in a live rock show. Sex appeal, passion, charisma, and an absurd amount of energy. Watching these guys have an absolute blast playing their music with each other was so refreshing in a scene where bands can go through the motions and be all business. (Tokyo Police Club, The Black Keys).

A short 45 minute set was more than enough for me to go home and check Romes out, and fall into their dance pop world. It feels like your classic Indie pop band (think The Arkells, 1975) but with a Justin Timberlake delivery in vocals. It’s an interesting vibe, and one that will definitely be around the scene for the coming years.

Romes has just released a new track entitled “De Ja Vu”, check it out below!


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