5 songs Fab can’t stop listening to, inaugural edition.

Do you know what I decided today? That week in and week out I’m going to post 5 songs that I literally cannot stop listening to. They may be new, they may be old, but hey that’s the amazing part about publishing your own work, you post what you like.

In an eventful February, where we’ve gotten new music from Lorde, Mac Demarco, Dirty Projectors, Mother Mother, and Thundercat, it was a tad overwhelming as a listener. To balance out the new, I went back and listened to some old.

You know when you just need to listen to something you know? That was me a few times this week, and I absoloutly crushed the heck out of Fleet Foxes self titled debut album. In the honour of nothing, here are the 5 songs that have been on repeat this past week.

5. Romes– “Tryna be”

What a fluke chance of finding these guys. They happened to be the opener for Coin at The Velvet Underground and their 4 song EP “Believe” is a fun little indie dance treat. From the catchy beat, to the impressive vocals, this is sure to be a fun summer song.

4. Mother Mother– “Love Stuck”
Alright, no matter how much you may deny it, all of us are susceptible to the sheer joy \ pop music can bring us.  My source just happens to be by way of Canadian Alt band, Mother Mother, who delivers this pop tune with the spunk and crispness Mother Mother always does. I literally haven’t stopped playing this for a week, and I can’t wait till’ im sick of this and never wanna hear it again.

3. Dirty Projectors– “Little Bubble”

Jeez. That piano at the chorus. Gets me everytime. Reminds me of the incredible bridge of “Hannah Hunt” by Vampire Weekend.

2. Fleet Foxes– “He Doesn’t Know Why”

Some old stuff now. Despite the fact that the entire debut album is incredible, “He Doesn’t Know Why” has such an incredible build up until Robin Pecknold enters your soul at 1:45 and makes sure you feel whatever you’ve repressed for the past year.  This song, and band for that matter, is sure to satisfy fans of folk everywhere, from The Lumineers to Mumford and Sons.

1. Grizzly Bear– “Two Weeks”

Their most well known song, and yet I did not listen to it until stumbling upon Vectamist this past year.  From the simple single noted intro, to the amazing drum beat from Christopher Bear, this song should be all of our introductions to Grizzly Bear.

I guess ultimately if a song is stuck in my head for more than a week It can stay on this list, so im curious to see which songs will end up on these posts the most. I’m exercising true narccissm, as I’m genuinely curious to see where this list ends up in a years time.

Feb 26- March 5, 2017


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