5 songs Fab can’t stop listening to, round 2!

Alright, you guys, I know. I’ve been M.I.A this entire week, but life am I right?

In a week where I believe I experienced every potential symptom of the man cold, I am proud to sit here and let you guys know I made it. It was tough. But I battled through, because that’s what battlers do.

And your reward, for all of your patience, is the 2nd edition of this fan favourite posting.

The good thing with being sick, is you can listen to music to pass the time. The bad thing with having ear sensitivity and a migraine, is that you can’t, because you listen to music with your ears…..

So I was a little bit strapped this week, in terms of range. But below are the tracks that comforted me through my man cold. Shout out to The Zolas.

#5. Alt-j “3WW”

Okay, in a week where I was buried under tissues, this one helped me bury my insomnia. (Get it cause it put me to bed??) This super chill comeback song, has some folk, some pop, and more importantly that old familiar Alt-j delivery.

#4. Mac DeMarco– “Annie”

I find it weird, that this song happened to be stuck in my head all week, seeing how there is new Mac out in the world. But the incredible guitar work on this song, paired with that patented lazy delivery from Mac, is hands down the reason why “Annie” happens to be my favourite Mac song.   (Fun Fact: I thought this was a cover song the first time I heard it)

#3. Lorde-“Green Light”

I mean, the new Lorde single already has 22 million views on youtube so I don’t think it needs any added publicity. But I’m glad she’s back. The world is better with Lorde.

#2. The Zolas– “In Heaven”

I’m going to try and avoid posting two songs from the same artist often, but really The Zolas saved me this week. In anticipation for their concert I’ve been on them all week, and “In Heaven” has the them at their broodiest.  Strong percussion, and a furious guitar line, I don’t know why it took me all this time to realize how similar The Zolas, and Half Moon Run are.

#1. The Zolas– “Marlaina Kamikaze”

This one is a personal favourite. The structure of the song is impeccable, from the opening guitar line, to the solo post chorus one, to the piano explosion leading into the incredible bridge. With rock, jazz, and pop elements throughout, “Marlaina Kamikaze” is a joy to anyone who appreciates contemporary rock music.

I promise more content this week.

March 6- March 12, 2017.


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