5 songs Fab can’t stop listening to, round 3!

More Life came out this week. So in its honour I’ve listened to everything but the new Drake “playlist” this week.

Maybe I’ll get around to it, but something about an artist releasing new music every year makes me very weary and suspicious. How can it possibly be your best work if you’ve somehow pumped out content at an industrial level?

I’ll get around to it… within the next year. Which should give Drake more than enough time to come out with more work.

This last week, I realized that my past 20 album adds on my Apple Music account have been super mellow and chill. Does nobody make upbeat music anymore? Where is it all? Have we all fallen into the Father John Misty tempo?

I needed a serious cleanse. I needed some sing along, generic pop song, type stuff. Wow, two jabs to Father John Misty in 2 sentences, I am on fire. (Btw, I actually like his music)

So in honour of Father John Misty’s love for irony, this week is conveniently dedicated to the “Generic Pop Song”. Thanks Father John.

5. The Zolas– “Molotov Girls”

I went to go watch these guys at The Opera House in Toronto, this past week. They put on a solid show, and sound fantastic live.

When this song dropped over 2 years ago, I was suspicious of this new sound The Zolas went for. It sounded generic and predictable. But as I’ve played through it over and over again,  I realize how solid this song is. The catchy intro, and danceable melody aside, “Molotov Girls” boasts impressive percussion and a really cool bass line in the chorus. They give you some staying power with a song that should also please most radio listeners.

4. Tokyo Police Club– “Not My Girl”

Alright, Tokyo Police Club is one of the rare bands that I continue to love despite really disliking their new music. Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness Pt.1 was passable, but Pt.2 was lazy and absurdly corny.

Their old stuff is so solid, that you can almost forgive the new found laziness in their work. But if there is a silver lining on the two EP’s, its “Not My Girl”. The catchy chorus and pop song structure are at least accented with a great guitar solo and the usual sharp instrumentation you get from a Tokyo Police Club song. The lyrics, while not at par with most Tokyo, are the best you’re gonna get on Melon Collie and The Infinite Radness, Pt.1 or 2. 

3.  Arctic Monkeys– “Black Treacle”

Probably the most simple, and straightforward Arctic Monkeys song ever created. Simple from its chords, to melody, to structure, and maybe that’s why I have such a deep infatuation with this song.

Gone is the usual flashiness of the Arctic Monkeys, and instead we get a very simple and straightforward track. Not to be lost however, is the usual lyrical sharpness of Alex Turner, and a really sweet guitar hook after the chorus. It’s refreshing from a band usually pumping out alternative and complex songs, and so it’s strange to say, but this is definitely in my top 3 favourite Arctic Monkeys songs.

2. Milky Chance– “Cocoon”

Perhaps a bit ignorant of me, I wrote this band off after “Stolen Dance”. Really, only solely off of the fact that I got sick of the mass radio play. Luckily, I don’t hold grudges, and Milky Chance doesn’t know, or care who I am.

This song is the perfect blend of folk, and dance music, which…is kind of strange when you think about it.

1. Mac Demarco– “Annie”

I guess we’ve got our first repeat offender. Really, I can see why most would find this song a bit boring and mellow with the delivery of Mac’s lyrics, but this song is untouchable when you put the guitar work in perspective. I’m always being smited by my friends for not listening to lyrics, but when you have guitars working that harmoniously, how can you possibly expect me to listen to anything else in the song?

Week of, March 13-19, 2017.


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