Said The Whale @Lee’s Palace, Toronto

2010 was a big year for me. I surpassed 30 days played on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, began recording very strange and poorly made gameplay commentary videos, and among other things, decided to pay the price of admission for this quirky little film called Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

In a year where gaming was seemingly my boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, and parental figure, this movie molded my life into who I am today. I still say “lesbians” instead of “love”, and I’m still struggling to find the domain name for

Scott showed me the importance about fighting for what you love, and standing up to pretentious people. “You once were a ve-gan, he proclaims to Todd Ingram, now you will be-gone” and then, boom KO. So true Scott, so true.

We get it, you’re a vegan.

So it’s fair to say since 2010, I’ve been a super fan. But, sometimes we have to admit one of our deepest and darkest secrets. Other than not getting super strength, and the ability to knock someone’s highlights out of their hair, one of the few things I haven’t been able to do, is go to Lee’s Palace ; the rock haven of Scott Pilgrim.

I finally found an excuse to go thanks to Vancouver band Said The Whale, and I’m glad that they finally brought me in there.

Said The Whale isn’t my favourite band, or for that matter, anybody’s favourite band. They tread the line of generic rock very well, so well, I’m considering asking them for swim lessons. (Get it, cause they can tread, and I can’t…) For the most part it’s really difficult to differentiate their songs, and one common aspect of all of their music, is that there is always one more chorus. Oh you thought that song was done? NOPE, REFRAIN.

Sometimes they get it right though. Hit songs like “I love You”, ‘”Mother” and “Camilo (The Magician)”, are still their best songs live, and the audience and the band felt it as the energy in the building sky rocketed. It was like Sex Bom-Omb was on stage for most of the show, but when those songs came on, they turned into The Clash at Demonhead.

Fan interaction was fun, and the band really did know how to play their instruments well. But as someone who didn’t really care for their music prior to their show, the actual live experience didn’t do much to sway me over for more repeat listens.

The crowd seemed relatively disinterested, they were rowdy at times, mostly during crowd pleasers, but other than that it certainly felt like they were waiting for the Katayangi Twins to finally come out and play their set. They never did, and never will (They’re but mere coins now).

If you like Said The Whale, they’re not going to disappoint you. They play their songs really well, and they sound good. The problem is, for most of us, you get what you expect, and if you liked their hits going in, you’ll continue to only like their hits when you leave.

On the plus side, Lee’s Palace is a sweet venue, and I hope to get lucky and catch a bigger band tear down the house.

Scott Pilgrim transformation complete. Up next, do a thingy down the Casa Loma railing.


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