5 songs Fab can’t stop listening to, round 4!

I’m the absolute worst human on earth when I’m sick. I’m bitchy, I’m lethargic, and I lack any motivation in regards to life. It’s as if I’ve fallen into a state of depression, and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I’ve had this lingering cold all winter, and so as a final goodbye to the season, I decided to get food poisoning. It was my decision, I PROMISE.

Suffice it to say, it was hard to post, and at times I questioned if I even liked music. THAT’S THE TYPE OF MINDSET I HAVE TO DEAL WITH WHEN I’M SICK.

But I’m not sick anymore, and the good news is, I still love music.

If I get sick one more time in this calendar year, I’m whipping this laptop across my room by the way.

In celebration of still liking music, here is edition four of 5 songs Fab can’t stop listening to. 

5. Milky Chance– “Losing You”

Here’s the thing, you guys know I’m big on giving albums multiple listens. I mean this blog is kind of named after that habit. So really, most of Milky Chance’s “Blossom” album was on repeat, and the same goes for Fleet Foxes self titled debut, and Alt-J’s dreamy debut “An Awesome Wave”. So the songs on this list, are the ones I opted for when I needed to dance in the shower, or sing along to in the car.

“Losing You” was special the moment I heard it. It’s placed on the back half of the album, which is nice because it keeps the album going after a few weaker songs in the middle. The song is lead by the super dance-able melody, but the magic comes in at the bridge, when we are blessed with a guitar solo that literally makes me feel like any problem is surmountable.

4. Alt-J– “Breezeblocks”

For those of you who know Alt-J, it’s probably because of this song. It put them on the map, and whether or not you were mortified by the vocal delivery, there was something so intangibly charming about this song that it kept you coming back for more. Once again, the fun is at the bridge, where the vocal harmonies induce a sing along that is irresistible. It’s fun, its well written, and it’s damn weird.

3. Fleet Foxes– “He doesn’t Know Why”

I’ve put this song on this list before. So looks like the Fleet is getting some more glory. I’m bitter about having to give away tickets to their show, but at least I can find solace in the fact that they tour often. Usually about every 7 years………..

If you wanna know why I like this bad boy, it’s because the vocal melody is wonderful, and his voice is absurdly soothing. It builds to this incredible ascension at 1:42, and my entire body can’t help but get consumed by goosebumps.

2. Arctic Monkeys– “No.1 Party Anthem”

Really I can rotate the entire Arctic Monkeys discography on this list, but a friend has been loving this off so much he’s reminded me how good this song is. Alex, you had me at “Collar popped like Cantona”.

1. Said the Whale– “I Love You”

I went to their show this week. They were good. I mean, they were good when they played the songs I liked. Just read the review, will you?

This song will always bang.

Weeks of March 18th-April 1st


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