5 songs Fab can’t stop listening to, Edition 5.

Okay, but how wrong was I when I thought I could make this a weekly segment? It’s not even because I don’t listen to enough music in a week, it’s just that I so often dedicate weeks at a time to a couple of albums, that it can at times be difficult to choose songs I truly love and can’t stop listening to.

What if the album sucks? What if it’s good but nothing really pops out? I only realized how long I actually spend listening and re listening to albums when I started this blog. I’ve probably misjudged timelines, and told people that I listened to an album for a week when it was really 3, and that I liked an album on first listen when really I only think I did because of how much I love it now. I really wish I tabbed albums that I liked first listen because there must only be like 5 in my lifetime.

Without further a due, here are 5 songs that have been lodged into my cerebellum. Listen to it, love it, be it, or you know, don’t.

5.”Shuffle”-Bombay Bicycle Club

Everybody’s favourite MLB song right? I think its truly amazing when someone plays you a song they love, and you’re like wow, why do I know this? The answer seems to always be attributed to sports games for me. What starts as background music, slowly develops into a respect for the soundtrack, as repeat plays has these songs lodge into your head. The best part is, you don’t know the song name or artist, you just realize you know the song 4 years later.

Here’s a song that gets better after each listen. The overall melodic line of the song is harmonized with incredible vocals, a ridiculous bass line, and really good percussion and production. How can you not bop your head, and break into dance when the chorus hits. Damn, this song is good.

4. “Helplessness Blues”- Fleet Foxes

Complicated folk music. Seems like an oxymoron. This is why I love Fleet Foxes, and this song, better than any other song from them, represents what they’re about.

Amazing vocals, powerful story telling, and a complete switch of gears at the midway point of the song. Can we talk about the remarkable guitar line that comes in at 2:48? Please!! Someone? Anyone? You mean to tell me you don’t like getting into fine detail over a guitar melody?

3. “Dark Side”- Bishop Briggs

I have to review this EP, so stay tuned. But Bishop Briggs is a talent to behold. With only a 6 song EP on her resume, she is bound to explode in the next couple of years.

A voice that is a hybrid of Adele, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and any of your favourite R&B stars of the 40’s and 50’s, she’s got incredible range, and an energy that is so refreshing. “Dark Side” has Bishop Briggs erupting on the latter side of the chorus, and the anger and passion within her vocals is enough to send goosebumps down your spine. Dress warmly when you listen to her music.

2. “Step into the Darkness”- Said The Whale

I think its safe to say this is my favourite Said the Whale song of all time. It feels so strange to fall in love with a song from a band that you’ve been luke warm with in the past, but this song is so catchy.

This will be the song on your summer playlist that everybody asks about. The subject matter of the song is sadder than the tempo suggests, but regardless I can’t help but blast this song, and sing along. And please, oh please, do not get me started on the melodic line at 1:51. It comes in after a short vocal solo, and it is now considered one of the wonders of the world.

1.Pure Comedy”- Father John Misty

Arguably the most enigmatic artist out there right now, Father John Misty has taken storytelling to new heights in his ballad constructed songs. What is seemingly ironic and dark comedy told over minor keys, he makes you laugh and feel all in one. His voice is angelic, far more than any priest, and his reflexive and comical lyricism is remarkable.

You’re forced to listen to the lyrics with Father John, as it’s really the driving force of his music, so I have trouble with it when I become a passive listener. But after buying tickets to his show, and seeing this unbelievable performance on SNL, how can I not be excited? His energy and passion are a sight to behold. Please do the world a favour and watch this front to back.


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