Chance the Rapper @Budweiser Stage, Toronto, May 27th.

Since I turned 23 last month, I feel like I’ve made a lot of adult decisions. I recently went bike shopping and then looked online for better deals, I drank sparkling water with a friend willingly, I applied for an MBNA credit card, and I went to my first ever hip hop concert.

That last one, is probably not the average adult decision, but for me, who has been pretty much the lone indie/alternative rock fan in my group of friends, it was. After all, adulthood is about getting out of your comfort zone right? Trying new things? Maybe meeting a new demographic of concert goers would be a good idea?

Also it didn’t hurt that I love Chance. I didn’t actually go out of some strange obsession with adulthood.

With all of this being said, the night was full of surprises, starting with the fact that my friend wore a trench coat in the middle of May. The next surprise came by way of me being the only person wearing colour(a pink sweater) in a crowd that apparently thought they were auditioning for the role of either Neo or Trinity from The Matrix. I was Homer Simpson, deemed mentally ill, and I met Michael Jackson. (Bonus points for whoever gets that reference)

What was most confusing was how young, and white the crowd was. Is white considered a PC word? Should I use “Caucasian”…I don’t know. Anyway, I was expecting a lot more diversity. I was not expecting to have trouble differentiating a crowd at a Jack Johnson concert and a Chance the Rapper concert, and I most definitely was not expecting to be the the oldest person in my surrounding radius.

The girls next to us, who so graciously offered us their cigarettes….as if anybody still smokes, told us they were still in highschool. One girl decided to tell me she was “wheeling” two guys because she’s a “bad girl”, another girl told me her best friend was having an abortion. It was at this point where I realized, at 23, that I’m literally not an adult. The most adult thing I’ve done in my life is have an espresso in the morning.

Anyway, that’s the review.

Kidding. Chance was great, honestly, he killed it. His energy was so pleasing, and his charismatic nature and crowd interaction made you feel like he truly appreciated you. He sounded excellent, and didn’t playback his songs to support him. He did a cover of “Ultralight Beam”, and “Waves” and destroyed the stage with fan favourites “No Problem” and “All Night”, and more impressively, he did this all while his predominantly pre pubescent crowd grinded on each other like wild animals.

Maybe I’m not doing a great job of actually selling the concert, but it was tough to pay attention when youth who have otherwise never left their suburb, decide to dance terribly, on the communal walk way. This was not my typical concert, and there was less enjoying and listening to the music than there was jumping around and having a good time. It was more of a party than it was a display of Chances musical talents.

Unfortunately, Toronto’s waspiest party of 2017 got cut short because of torrential downpours, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, it wouldn’t be a 2017 Toronto event if the weather didn’t decide to ruin it.

We made the most of it, and it was nice to frolic in the rain with youthful innocence after what I would define a very raunchy event. It was a blast, and a hell of an experience for yours truly.

So cheers to Toronto, cheers to Chance, cheers to the urban suburbs and cheers to being a fake adult.


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