5 Songs Fab can’t stop listening to, edition 6!

Wow, remember when I said this would be a weekly segment?(have I said this exact opening line before?) I guess this blog has taught me something. I’m a chronic liar. It’s really tough to determine 5 songs you can’t stop listening to every week, but give someone 5-6 weeks, and a vacation where democratic music selection doesn’t exist for yours truly, and you’ll get yourself a list alright.

Probably my least on brand list I’ll ever make, partially because of the amount of hip hop that was played on my trip, and partially due to the fact that I have been listening to a lot of old music right now. But hey, this is a good thing. Maybe now I can identify with the cool youth, and actually partake in lip syncing at clubs. Maybe when a pretty girl starts singing a popular hip hop song in front of me at a bar I won’t just move my lips in general rhythm, and maybe just maybe, I’ll stop listening to rock and just start a hip hop blog.

Doubt it, enjoy hip hop Fab while it lasts.

Kendrick Lamar– “Element”

“If I gotta slap a pussy ass n**** Ima make it look sexy”. This is the type of lyrical artistry I never get with rock. So true Kendrick, so true. I too would make slapping a pussy ass n**** damn sexy.

Dr.Dre Ft. Eminem– “What’s the difference”

Okay I loved this album. Yup just heard it for the first time in 2017, which means I’m only 16 years late.

And my oh my how good is this song? Despite the features, and the flow of melody, what sold me on this song immediately was the ridiculously great theremin melody at the chorus (It’s probably not a theremin, but regardless, killed it.)

Chance the Rapper– All Night/No Problem

I’m gonna do a double feature on this one because of his concert, and how much Chance was played on my most recent vacation. Colouring Book front to back is spectacular, but with these two being the biggest summer hits, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head for quite a while. They’re fun, they’re upbeat, and they’re the exact opposite a song you’d expect me to listen to.

Jamie XX– “I know there’s gonna be good times”

The vibe master himself, Jamie XX. After seemingly putting this album down for the rest of my life last summer, I was brought back to it after experiencing his band The XX play in Toronto. Watching him manually produce every beat and kill the DJ game, put me back on him, and upon re listening to In Colour (which I think may now be on cycle for the rest of my life), I remembered just how damn good the album closer was. Play it, love it, dance to it, grind to it, get lost in the colour. (Okay that was corny.)

Kygo, Selena Gomez– “It Ain’t me”

I had this song written as “whiskey song’ before googling the actual name. That should say a lot about how aloof I am to pop music.

Also, how hard is it to sing along to this song? When a buddy of mine asked me to sing him the song that we kept playing in Europe, I just ended up just making weird noises that slightly sounded like the words Selena Gomez is actually singing. Anyways, I’ll probably never listen to it much after this summer, but from the beat, to the surprisingly mature lyrics,(definetely not written by Selena) to the real catchy chorus, this is a hell of a tune. Enjoy one of the songs of the summer.

Week of June 14th, 2017.


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