5 Songs Fab can’t stop listening to, Summer 17′ Edition.

Ah yes, Summer, the infamous season that blesses Toronto for 3 months 14 days a year with absurd humidity, and a very predicatable bipolar switch of weather. “Oh, It’s ugly, smoggy and maybe raining torrentially outside?”, “Hope you guys enjoy beautiful evenings, and closed patios!”. Thats how I imagine Mr. Summer to speak by the way. He’s very sassy, and sarcastic.

But along with the usual weather confusion, Summer finally brings us the ability to lower our windows after they’ve been frozen shut for 9 months. We can finally raise our sun roof(if it’s not raining), and more importantly we can make sure we deafen our passengers, and all pedestrians on the street as we blast our music at unreasonable volumes. We do all of this in the hope that the person in the car next to us either develops Tinnitus, or turns to you and says, “sick fucken tune bro”, and then you can be what Shazam has taken away from all of us music fans.

Below is a list of songs that I’ve been playing the hell out of in the past week or two, mostly because they fit the criteria of a Summer tune in so many ways. They’re light, they’re fun, they’re easy to sing along to, and most importantly they make the sweat on your body that much more tolerable.

Born Ruffians– “Oh Cecilia”

Funny enough, I recently learned this song was a b-side or “album cut” off of Birthmarks after downloading the album(and by download, I mean click add on Apple Music) and not seeing it on the tracklist. Crazy considering it got quite a bit of radio play, and is probably one of Born Ruffians best songs. Naturally I only really started listening to it now in 2017, a mere 5 years after realease date, but this song kind of culminates everything great about Born Ruffians. A contagious guitar hook, great lyrics and vocal flow, and everything from verse to pre chorus to chorus is catchy as hell. Also, the subject matter? Pretty much perfect for summer. Whether it be a girl, a boy, or that gelato you’ve been dreaming about all summer, summertime is a time for unhealthy obsession.

St. Vincent
– “Digital Witness”

Jazz, electronica, and an angels voice. St. Vincent’s poppiest track to date, if you can even call it that. The horns are infectious, and her voice is my new obsession. (Re: Oh Cecilia). My new favourite artist, I can’t believe it took me this long to discover her. Keep shredding that damn guitar girl.

Bombay Bicycle Club
– “Overdone”

Ah, Bombay Bicycle Club. A band that is the definition of living off of your “singles”. For the most part, each of their albums has 2 or 3 great songs and the rest are average. But their good songs are great, and so it’s hard for me not to love them despite having a rather week library of songs.

However, their fourth(and maybe last) album is front to back, their best. They finally found their form, and what better way to showcase the world your new sound than with an intro as hard and catchy as “Overdone”. The vocal layering is fantastic, and the guitar(or is it a bass?) hook post chorus is ridiculous. You can’t not jam to this tune.

Glass Animals
– “The Other Side of Paradise”

If ever in need of a song to get the party going, make this your go to. I’ve yet to play this anywhere without everyone liking it. Its psychedelic nature, is complimented by a drop based chorus almost comparable to that of an EDM song. The “WHO” hook is simple yet effective, and the production of the band is as sexy and gooey as all of their other work. Play it full blast, fam.

– Liability

I recently bought tickets to Lorde’s concert after telling myself I wouldn’t if it was at the Air Canada Centre. That’s how good her sophomore album is. Although sad at points, songs like “Liability” possess such powerful lyricism that you can’t help but play it on repeat. It’s sad, but flows..it’s slow but catchy, and despite its melancholic nature, It’s extremely comforting. Let the hook of the chorus, along with her vocal textures take you to ballad heaven.


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