Milky Chance @ Danforth Music Hall

Don’t you hate it when your legs start to convulse in the middle of your sleep because dance is life?

I woke up this morning with a pop in my step. I maneuvered the house like Ferris Bueller, sliding into the kitchen, singing in the mirror, dancing as my mom yelled at me. As I commuted to work, pedestrians formed around me like the scene in 500 Days of Summer. It’s as if I harnessed my inner “Black Spider-Man”, (shout out to my boy Tobey Maguire), because I haven’t been able to stop dancing since last night’s show…I blame it all on the Germans.

Some go to Veld, some to Digital Dreams, some to Tomorrowland. Some enjoy their chests being compressed by large amounts of bass, some enjoy being drugged out of their mind and dancing to mindless music. But yesterday, purist music fans, and party animals alike, equally enjoyed the opioid like show Milky Chance put on.

Only on their second album, the duo have no business possessing the stage presence they have. They exemplified incredible showmanship throughout, and despite not interacting with the crowd in the traditional manner, there were many moments where their raw passion and musical ability resonated across the venue. The duo were ecstatic to be up there, playing with each other freely, never glued to a particular side of the stage and their activity on stage was very entertaining to watch. Each song had an added boost of energy, whether it be a wild harmonica solo, the two percussionists playing in harmony, or an extended live song rendition. And because of this, songs felt louder, faster, and made less popular songs like “Alive” “Firebird” and “Blossom” just as memorable as mainstream hits “Flashed Junk Mind” “Cocoon” and “Stolen Dance”.

Milky Chance definitely acts as an accessible band in an indie world that can sometimes be intimidating. They add a fun twist to folk music, and while their guitar lines are extremely catchy and melodic, they are very simple. This simplistic nature is accented by wonderful production and a very unique and fresh voice in frontman Clemens Rehbein. I took a close friend of mine to the show after being unable to find a fellow fan willing to go(as usual), and he was mostly unfamiliar with their work. I think this is a testament to how good the show was, because he was quick to slide this concert into one of the best he’s been to in his life.

I think the same goes for the girl next to me who was grinding on her man to “Blossom” like it was “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. She utilized her elastic like arms to perfection, as she hit me, and nearly everyone in our area with pinpoint accuracy. Her ability to confidently grind while completely offbeat was mesmerizing, and I hope she finds what she’s looking for. Aside from the erotica that took place next to me, this show easily slides into my top 5 most memorable concerts.

There were many aspects to what made the show great, but ultimately it was the synergy in the venue. The chemistry between band, venue, and fan was electrifying, and you could feel the band utilize this energy to fuel the show.

By the end of the encore, the venue had turned into a full out dance party. Usually chill, but very catchy song “Sweet Sun” was used to close out the show. I knew this going in prior, but I had no idea just how great a closer it would be. The chorus escalated its contagious guitar line, into a dance party type closer. It was played louder, faster, and with immense energy, and the crowd matched the energy on stage with a primitive mosh. Jumping, and dancing, sweating, and laughing, no show closer has yet to match the childlike feeling of joy I experienced by the end of the show. Well in, boys, well in.


To Milky Chance, thank you for the wondrous night.  

To the girl grinding as if at a trap house, love you.  Keep being you!


Get tickets if you can wherever you are, Milky Chance will be the best show you watch all year.


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